"The Little One is brilliant and one of the
best warm-up / game improvement clubs
I have ever seen"

                                - SEAN FOLEY
                                   professional golf coach



I tried this product at the PGA Demo Day on Tues. Jan 21, 2014. I thought it was phenomenal and just had to have one.

     - Ryan ( Webster, NY)

I keep meaning to tell you how much I am enjoying my two clubs. I no longer use my Taylormade 7 and 9 irons because I hit the practice clubs better. Hard to beleive but it is true. In fact, can you build me a matching 5,6,8, and 9 and I will send you a check for $400.00 plus shipping asap. I am not kidding, I am serious. Can you do it.

     - Dan Murr

I would like to commend you on this practice tool. The Little One is the best tool that any golfer can ever invest in. I hit it for the first time today at a local retail store and this is the only swing training aid that I would ever consider purchasing. This is the first golf club that any person on earth should own and learn to hit before they buy a full set of clubs.

     - Jason Landry (Touring Professional)

Do you remember when you had that "WOW!" moment on the range or on the course, when you hit the ball so PURE, so SOLID that it felt PERFECT? That was the moment you hit the purest spot in golf. This is what PSP Golf, The Little One will do for you better than any other product in the world...guaranteed!! It is the essence of simplicity and absence of complexity that makes it the best tool in golf to improve your game.

PSP Golf's (Pure Solid Perfect) warm-up / game improvement club, aptly named The Little One, is a revolutionary training club that will improve your ball striking, increase your distance, elevate your concentration, and build your confidence. You will also receive instant feedback on every full swing, half swing, and chip shot that will result in accelerated improvement and lower scores. Over 200 of the best players in the world have been seen on the range or around the green warming up with The Little One before they play.

Consistantly hitting the ball in the sweet-spot square at impact is the priority regardless of the club you have in your hand. By having a more specific (smaller) target you will become more focused on achieving that goal with a higher level of concentration. Regularly using The Little One on the range and around the greens before you play will result in accelerated improvement and more consistant shots. The "transition" back to your own clubs will not only give you confidence, but your ball striking, distance, and accuracy will continue to improve. That is the moment you will become emotionally aware of the simplicity behind The Liitle One and the freedom it gives you to hit every club and every shot without fear! Enjoy and remember Pure Solid Perfect is in your hands!!















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